The Tents

Sedornet offers a natural but comfortable experience. Enjoy a unique and private space in the middle of the forest in a waterproof tent made of sustainable cotton that guarantees great comfort to sleep in the middle of the mountains.

During your stay in Sedornet you will sleep in a waterproof and sustainable cotton tent of 4 m² with a dry ecological bathroom for personal use attached to it. Each tent offers a private space with views of the forest, with a terrace and two deck chairs as well as a hammock under the trees. The campsite has hot water showers located in the shared area.

Sedornet giving each tent its own space to enjoy nature. At night, the campsite and the interior of the tents are illuminated by led lanterns.

Each tent welcomes you with a big double bed, a duvet, sheets, pillows, towels, a basin with water and a basket with products of Andorra as well as the general information and secrets of Sedornet to make the most of your stay!


  •   The Fontronich tent and the Bellura tent have a pellet stove for extra comfort.
  •   You also have the option to include two supplementary beds, in any of the four tents, in case you want a family experience.

  Spending time in nature increases serotonin, the happiness hormone that improves mood and the sense of well-being. 


Reception and house attached.

Near the tents is the Borda Jaume, an Andorran rural stone and wood mountain lodge, an old shepherd shelter, which has been renovated while maintaining the charm of the typical constructions of the country. The Borda, where you will find the reception and kitchen, has a rest area that is always open to guests, so you can change ambience and enjoy an indoor relaxing space. It also has a large dining room where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a welcoming atmosphere.


Yes, the paths around the campside are well signposted.

Once the reservation is made, we will send you a map with the location of the tents. It is accessed by foot following an easy signposted mountain path. It is a 30/40 minute walk with a +240m slope. 

The mountain path is not accessible by car.

In the village of Llorts you will find an outdoor free parking lot.
The campsite is approximately 30 minutes from the village of Llorts. The path is very accessible and its level is easy.

The distances are not far and you will always be able to contact our team. If you need us, we will come to get you!

The tents are waterproof, despite the rain you will spend a good night. During the day, the Borda Jaume lodge will be a shelter in the case of bad weather.

Yes! The Sedornet experience is suitable for all ages.

Yes! They are welcome!

Yes! You can even reserve extra meals for lunch or dinner to eat together.

Of course. There is always someone from the team on the campsite.

In the Borda there is a menu with suggestions to have a snack between meals
Yes, Bboth are included in the experience.