The Secret

Can you keep a secret?

At an altitude of 1,650 meters there is a balcony with fabulous views of the Ordino valley and its mountains. This hidden place in the middle of a magnificent forest of pines and ferns is Sedornet: an exceptional and unique corner, to escape from the routine and hustle and bustle of the city and to relax and connect with nature.

Sedornet is an area of pastures and high mountain lodges of the Principality of Andorra located in the parish of Ordino. In the past, the place was used to cultivate wheat, for the pasture of sheep and as a shelter for miners. The nearest town is Llorts, approximately 30 minutes away, located at an altitude of 1,413 meters and formed by a compact nucleus of old houses around the church of Sant Serni. At the bottom of the valley, the Angonella, river which descends from the lake with the same name, converges with the Coma Obaga or Estreta river from the peaks of Casamanya.

The natural surroundings of Sedornet include a great variety of flora and fauna typical of the Pyrenees. In a landscape of contrasts, we find birch trees, red pine trees, brooms, box trees, roe deer, chamois, eagles, lizards, sparrow hawks, vipers, wild boar, etc.


Yes, the paths around the campside are well signposted.

Once the reservation is made, we will send you a map with the location of the tents. It is accessed by foot following an easy signposted mountain path. It is a 30/40 minute walk with a +240m slope. 

The mountain path is not accessible by car.

In the village of Llorts you will find an outdoor free parking lot.
The campsite is approximately 30 minutes from the village of Llorts. The path is very accessible and its level is easy.

The distances are not far and you will always be able to contact our team. If you need us, we will come to get you!

The tents are waterproof, despite the rain you will spend a good night. During the day, the Borda Jaume lodge will be a shelter in the case of bad weather.

Yes! The Sedornet experience is suitable for all ages.

Yes! They are welcome!

Yes! You can even reserve extra meals for lunch or dinner to eat together.

Of course. There is always someone from the team on the campsite.

In the Borda there is a menu with suggestions to have a snack between meals
Yes, Bboth are included in the experience.